FiberLean MFC – It’s Like We are Printing You Money!

Learn about FiberLean Technologies’ commercially proven options with MFC (Microfibrillated Cellulose) at the keynote presentation of Sean Ireland, VP of Business Development, FiberLean Technologies.

Sean Ireland our Vice President of Business Development gave a keynote presentation on June 14th, 2022 at Tappinano Helsinki 2022: “FiberLean MFC – It’s Like We are Printing You Money!”

How we got here…

NANO Conference – The Evolution of Fibrillated Cellulose

We have had quite the evolution in nano-cellulosics over the past two decades. In 2003 I had just started working with the materials. I met Phil Jones who many of you know and then Ted Wegner in 2004. We embarked on a journey to bring a fledgling technology from concept to commercial. It’s been a long journey…

In the beginning, our focus was on three major areas – Gaining Funding!, Basic Research, Material Availability.

As we grew, we increased the message. We increased the funding and work started to move from Research to Development in some application areas. Cellulose Fibrils went global, a community working together and sharing. The energy was real and the people were passionate.

Then we got a full division in TAPPI and it helped organize us, forge us into a serious weapon, one that could finally pierce the high performance ceiling. In 2012, we finally made the cover of the many federal budgets and CNM’s had arrived.

Going commercial was the biggest challenge. Once you leave the lab, you’re only 5% of the way there!

Creating customer value, especially when the globe was asking (gently) for it, was quite a challenge.

How can we impact the earth? How are we harvesting the earth’s high performance materials and nature-engineer the materials to take us to the 22nd century?

The evolution has come a long way…

In the beginning, we spent a lot of time and effort to raising money and creating the science needed. During that time, people “wanted” green, but were not willing to pay for it.

Making green packaging is not technically difficult. It was challenging to create a package that was both economically and technically viable. This has been the long road to commercialization, the “Valley of death”: moving from the R&D work to the Application work and crossing the funding challenge.

Then the Millennials arrived. If you were born between 1981 and 1996 – you’re a millennial!

The most powerful consumer force on earth: the millennial mom with a cell phone! You are the power spenders.

Millennials have about 2.5 Trillion dollars of spending power (approximately 30% of all retail expenditures). Globally, there are about 1.8 billion millennials across the regions.

In a 2020 survey by Deloitte Global, about 60% of millennials said they supported big business that took care of its EE’s and made positive societal impacts, especially during the pandemic. They are willing to spend more money on environmental matters than not. Over one third have actually stopped supporting a business they thought was doing harm to the environment!

All in all, millennial consumers are more concerned about ethical implications than price.

Millennials make up the majority of spenders globally. 30% or more of them are actively spending their money on companies and products that are sustainable. They don’t buy by price, they buy by reading the tags. They scan a QR code and make decisions. Do you have the right QR Code?

Have you heard of the Mountain of Death?

That’s the climb from lab to pilot plant to full scale commercial plant, one through four, that turns a technology commercial.

We have perfected industrial commercialization of nanocellulose. We have made the materials high-tech and improved existing materials to the point where we can replace the incumbent fossil-based materials with our sustainable materials.

Partnering with us is like printing money. We call it “Money from Cellulose”.

FiberLean Technologies is not new to MFC

We started this journey at the beginning of 2008 and in 2016 became FiberLean Technologies. In 2019, we worked on finding a new investor to evolve into our next iteration and found Werhahn Group in Germany. They wanted to invest in a high-tech company working on sustainable materials to make a difference in the world. In 2021, we signed and FiberLean Technologies began evolving to its next state.

Let’s stop the bleeding and remove the inputs to the oceans that are killing them. Then we go clean the oceans.

Not doing this will COST YOU MONEY.

– Sean Ireland, VP Business Development

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